We are a loyal, customer-/organization-oriented, and innovative company with high interdisciplinary competencies and great flexibility. We are used to being part of a larger project organization and being a key party in terms of contributing positively to achieving the common overall goals!


Engineering is the core of our business - from early design stages to handover. And because many of us have practical backgrounds, we are reliable sparring partners for e.g. new construction, reconstruction, expansion and commissioning.


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Credibility and trust is the core of our business in relation to client consulting and project management which is founded on strong professionalism and solid decision-making basis. Our consultants are loyal partners when it comes to e.g. project studies, tender material, project execution, planning and QA.


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Quality and cooperation are at the core of our presence on construction sites and with the customer where our safety and working environment consultants specialize in coordinating and supervising construction sites.


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Let us together stimulate your competitive and market lead

Across industries, we provide a complete range of services. In addition to defining, designing, and assisting with the implementation of new plants and new equipment, we advise on production optimization, environmental and hazardous themes, management decision making and logistics.

Management, Definition, and Design of facilities!



Projects and tasks can take many forms and divergent complexities, where to a greater extent high demands and expectations are placed on the expertise that is delivered into it from both the project team and the individual project employees as well as partners.

Through several years and many versatile projects and tasks, Sommerset Engineering has built up a strong competence and expertise, which is put into play in collaboration with customers and partners.


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Sommerset Engineering has extensive experience in carrying out large and small projects

- We contribute to the efficiency optimization, execution and achievement of project expectations and goals!


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Sommerset Engineering has the experience, expertise and resources for your next project or task which must be executed "in-house" in your organization.

- We have "Next Generation Consultants"!