Wide range of specialized services

Together with you, we define the scope of the project, identify and address all specifications, technological solutions, ideas, alternatives and risks that will lead to project success through all phases or sub-phases.

Delivery of production facilities

In conjunction with our unique combination of specialist technicians and site managers provides important advice and specific project services related to the execution of your project and installation.

Whether it is a greenfield project, a major upgrade of your existing facilities (brownfield),

 decommissioning or amalgamation of places, we work with you to ensure a smooth project execution. We adopt a project execution method and tools to guide you safely through all project phases - from tendering and contracting over technical follow-up and design coordination to construction management, testing and commissioning.

Operational expertise and capital maintenance

Our experienced consultants provide 360-degree advice to help you make decisions about the latest knowledge and information. We provide a range of optimization services in the current operation, from eliminating bottlenecks or troubleshooting specific parts of a plant - such as a single component to large lean projects aimed at achieving durable, step-by-step performance improvements.

Supply chain optimization and logistics

We can advise on all aspects of supply chain and logistics - from concept, design of individual plants and warehouse design to production layout, internal transport, automation and distribution network design.

Key performance & competency specialty

Sommerset Engineering can provide a large range of services to our customers across industries with interdisciplinary interaction and can, in collaboration with its customers, create synergies in the interdisciplinary and into the organization.


Engineering is the core of our business - from early design stages to handover. And because many of us have practical backgrounds, we are reliable sparring partners for e.g. new construction, reconstruction, expansion and commissioning.


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Credibility and trust is the core of our business in relation to client consulting and project management which is founded on strong professionalism and solid decision-making basis. Our consultants are loyal partners when it comes to e.g. project studies, tender material, project execution, planning and QA.


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Quality and cooperation are at the core of our presence on construction sites and with the customer where our safety and working environment consultants specialize in coordinating and supervising construction sites.


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How can we help?

We help companies in many different industries at home and abroad to improve all areas of investment, project execution and production optimization!

Make the right decisions

Long-term investment plans, master plans and implementation plans

Achieving maximum value from brownfield and / or greenfield investment requires the right approach to planning. Whether you are planning a new facility, a major upgrade of an existing facility or migration sites, Sommerset Engineering can help you make the right decisions from day one and through the entire phase to the end.

Based on Sommerset Engineering's extensive experience in the industry, Sommerset Engineering works closely with clients to plan, design and execute the project most effectively.

Proven method

Sommerset Engineering's capital project methodology and tools will guide customers safely through all phases of the project, from master plan through concept design, basic design and detailed design,

procurement and contracting to testing and commissioning.

When necessary, Sommerset Engineering uses simulation software to optimize, for example, complex production facilities. Simulation provides a strong, clear connection between design and operation and shows how changes will affect daily operations.

Innovation through knowledge

With a genuine passion for bringing the industry forward, Sommerset Engineering's specialists work with our customers to not only improve production efficiency, but also commercial performance. Whether it is upgrading an existing or developing a new plant, Sommerset Engineering uses the latest layout process techniques to help achieve operational expertise that meets all requirements, while developing sustainable energy and waste reduction solutions for environmental aspects.