Sommerset Engineering is a Scandinavian professional consulting company within engineering consulting, business development and strategy for the engineering industry and the construction industry with exceptional knowledge within; Pharma Industry, Energy Sector, Oil & Gas industry, and Medical industry.

With company lines in both Denmark and Norway, Sommerset Engineering has a close and local presence with a focus on close and reliable relationships. Sommerset Engineering strives to achieve high-level goals in collaboration with the customer.

Sommerset Engineering AS in Oslo, Norway, was established in 2011 after the end of the secondment period for a company, which was the start of a longer period of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in a number of exciting industries. After a period of 8 years with business in Norway interrupted by 2½ years in retirement due to permanent exposures at Danish companies, Sommerset Engineering ApS became in the autumn, 2019, and which is "sister company" to the Norwegian company. The companies in Denmark and Norway are both consulting engineering companies with extensive focus on project management, project design, construction management, and complex building logistics within the Energy, Pharma, Medical, and Oil & Gas industries.

We have primarily gained the experience through several projects within the various industries at home and abroad. These projects have included technically complex renovation projects and new construction, such as large projects with very tight schedules; so-called "Fast Track" projects.

Jesper Sommerset

Owner & Chief Consultant


Sommerset Engineering has competencies within project design, execution and commissioning. Our experience from the industries has made us very quality-conscious, customer- and detail-oriented. We also have extensive expertise in managing projects in product-producing facilities without disrupting our customers' daily operations.

We are a loyal, customer / organization-oriented and innovative company with high interdisciplinary competencies and great flexibility. We are used to being part of a larger project organization and to being a key party in terms of contributing positively to achieving the common overall goals.





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Jesper Sommerset

Owner & Chief Consultant

With several years of professional expertise and experience from various and versatile positions in Industry & Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, and the pharmaceutical industry, he has founded a strong, visible and motivating leadership style that extends across many professional groups and organizational levels.

With several stays abroad, he has expanded his project management, sales management and managerial horizon with cultural and international project execution, management and market aspects, which have enriched his profile with an in-depth ability to navigate both the national and international market with a focus on quality, efficiency and development in project management, personnel management, market management and technical competence management.

Through versatile positions, he has a well-founded, broad and strong knowledge of financial and resource planning as well as sales, and contractual negotiations at project and organizational level.
With the profile, he will be value-creating in the organization with good leadership skills and organizational strategy on top of a technical background with broad knowledge.

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